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Extra services

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All service basic plans

The basic plans include certain elements already, good to know before seeing our extra services

Lifestyle & Portrait 60.000 HUF

hour photoshoot
retouch photos
30 edited photos

Flyingdress 120.000 HUF

hour photoshoot
retouch photos
30 edited photos
1 Flyingdress

Videography 84.000 HUF

hour 4K quality recording
30-45 seconds length tailored video style
Complete editing with your favorite music, in HD quality.

All services extras

These extras listed below can be considered added to all our services

Reserve more time for an outfit change or go for more locations. Every additional 30 minutes will add also edited photos and retouched photos to your basic plan. (15/2)

Our regular hours: 7 AM to 7 PM. For photoshoots before or after an ‘Early Morning & Late Night’ fee applies. Each additional 30 minutes is billed separately. Any out-of-hours request missing will be added to your booking by the staff manually without prior notice to correct the missing fee.

Introducing our ’72 hours rush order’ option! Skip the line, and we’ll prioritize your gallery over others.

All our photoshoot experiences are eligible for a one-time free-of-charge reschedule. *terms apply
Rescheduling multiple times is blocking our calendar and as such you have to add this extra to your booking. 

If you are aiming to get the best quality photos, especially during sunrise, sunset, night, and indoor shoot you can add up to 2 lights.

Photography extras

These extras listed below you can consider adding to all photography services

Select your favorite images for Retouching & Editing and enjoy bulk discounts on additional edits, making the extra cost-effective.

Add an awesome filmmaking memory to your experience. This basic film will be recorded on your photographer’s smartphone. Will be edited with our preset royalty-free music. Above the basic offer, you can make it longer, or choose your music for a separate fee.

Videography extras

These extras listed below you can consider adding to all videography services

Very often your videographer is limited with the music or the lenght of the film. We recommend adding a highlight film so your videograpehr will have a chance to use different scenes in your recording and you will receive multiple versions of films. 

If your voice has to be heard, during the filmmaking such as moments like an engagement one time only, and the words have high value, don’t let them fade away.

The basic plan includes full HD delivery. However, if you wish to receive it in 4K instead, you can simply select this option.

Would you like to receive additional photos apart from the film? Add this extra and your videographer will capture and edit 30 stunning photographs too.

The basic plan does not include any titles or subtitles. If you wish to use them, this extra will allow you up to 30sec length subtitles or 5 titles.

Do you have a specific scene that you wish to receive in raw unedited format separately? By selecting this extra you can choose 1 scene up to 60 sec.

In the basic videography plan, you have a total of 2×5 sec revisions included. If you wish to purchase an additional 2×5 sec revision, select this extra.

Bird’s Eye view, is truly one of a kind, especially in a magnificent city like Budapest. If you choose this extra, the videographer will take the drone, however, flying the drone requires certain conditions. If the conditions are not met, you will be refunded.

If you dont like to wait for the basic plan 3-14 days return. Introducing our ‘1-7 days rush order’ option! Skip the line, and we’ll prioritize your Film over others.

Do you require longer duration film over the basic plan? you can add this extra and receive 15-30sec longer edited film.

You can have the stunning 360 view in your film, we provide your with an invisible selfie stick as well as we make sure to edit the end result to your videography plan.

Flyingdress extras

These extras listed below you can consider adding to all videography services

In case you order multiple helpers, they can support you for different tasks at the same time. Such as holding the crowd back, assisting with a flashlight or your dress, carrying your bag, etc.

The basic Flyingdress plan includes one Flyingdress. If more participants desire the dress in a different color, you can choose this additional service, which includes cleaning, delivery, and rental fees.